A walking safari has long been regarded as one of the finest ways to get a feel for the African wilderness. Hwange Walking Safari allows guests to get their feet on the ground and really feel, smell and touch Africa. Set in one of the best areas for wildlife in Hwange, this Exploration offers a fabulous walking trail experience which is interspersed with the occasional game-drive to ensure you get the most out of your time in Hwange. The Hwange Walking Safari offers an authentic safari experience that will have you feeling like a participant in nature rather than a spectator.

Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park is the country’s largest game reserve boasting one of the densest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. Situated on the easternmost edge of the Kalahari Desert, its sandy soils harbour extensive stands of broad-leafed woodland. The private Linkwasha concession, located in the south-eastern corner of Hwange, is one of the most abundant areas of the Park due to its diverse range of habitats: teak and false mopane woodlands, dry acacia scrub interspersed with pans and vast, palm-fringed plains.

Hwange Walking Safari sets out to explore this richly diverse area. Key species that can be seen along the way include elephant, buffalo, sable, roan, giraffe, wildebeest, gemsbok, lion, leopard, wild dog and cheetah. Birding is also fantastic in the area with the likes of Dickinson’s Kestrel, Bradfield’s Hornbill, Racket-tailed Roller and Arnot’s Chat occurring.


Charles Ndlovu

Charles has spent practically his entire life in the bush. Having a father who was a game ranger ensured that Charles would spend many of his school holidays accompanying his father to the bush. On completion of his secondary schooling, Charles volunteered to assist the Hwange National Park research team. He did this for a year and after realising his potential and passion, the senior ecologist took him on as a semi- skilled casual employee. In 1989 Charles joined Touch the Wild as a trainee guide.

Charles worked his way up and in the year 2000 obtained his Professional Guide’s Licence. Charles enjoys taking guests on nature walks and sharing his knowledge and passion with them. Charles is a fantastic guide and this was probably best summed up by one of his guests who said “Charles was very knowledgeable and professional – his obvious love and passion for wildlife, the environment and his country is inspiring. His kindness and sense of humour made everything extra-special.” Charles’ knowledge and great personality make him the ideal guide to lead The Hwange Walking Safari.

Language Departure Day Departure Date Depart From Finish Day Finish Date Finish In Rack Rate PPS (USD) New World Safaris Rate PPS (USD)
English Tuesday 06-Jul Davison’s Camp Monday 10-Jul Linkwasha Camp $2 618,00 $2 304,00
English Friday 18-Aug Davison’s Camp Tuesday 22-Aug Linkwasha Camp $2 618,00 $2 304,00
English Tuesday 05-Sep Davison’s Camp Saturday 09-Sep Linkwasha Camp $2 618,00 $2 304,00

Exploration – 4 nights /5 days from Davison’s Camp to Linkwasha Camp

Exploration runs between July and September

Arrival: Linkwasha Airstrip, Hwange National Park

On arrival at Linkwasha Airstrip, you will be met by your Wilderness Safaris Explorations guide and transferred in an open game-viewer to Davison’s Camp.

Day 1: Davison’s Camp, Linkwasha Concession

The first night of this Exploration will be spent in the comfort of Davison’s Camp. This will allow you to settle into the pace of the safari before the walking commences the following morning.

Day 2: Scott’s Pan Platform, Linkwasha Concession

You will be woken at first light and enjoy breakfast as dawn breaks over Ostrich Pan. Shortly after breakfast, we will head out on our first walk. Our destination is Scott’s Pan. The route will take us through varied woodland habitats and vlei lines which will present an opportunity to see a wide variety of wildlife and birds. We will arrive at Scott’s Pan around lunch time and after a well-deserved meal, we will have the opportunity to either siesta or watch the procession of game visiting the waterhole to quench their thirst. Later that afternoon, depending on the local game movements, you will either head out on a short walk or game- drive to explore the surrounding area. You will return to the Scott’s Pan Platform around sunset. Dinner will be enjoyed on the platform beneath the canopy of the African night sky.

Day 3: Ngamo Plains Platform, Linkwasha Concession

We will rise to the Hwange dawn chorus before enjoying a hearty breakfast at Scott’s Pan Platform. We will then head out on a short game drive to Back Pans. Here we will disembark from the vehicle and continue on foot to Ngamo Pans. The walk will give us the opportunity to explore the combetrum, terminalia, teak and acacia woodlands along the way. Lunch will be enjoyed on arrival at the Ngamo Plains Platform. We will have the opportunity to recharge our batteries with an afternoon siesta before heading out on either a game-drive or walk. Dinner will be enjoyed under the African sky.

Day 4: Linkwasha Camp, Linkwasha Concession

As dawn breaks, we will depart on foot. Our destination is the luxurious Linkwasha Camp. A highlight of this walk will be the opportunity to explore the acacia forest fringes of the iconic Linkwasha Plains. On arrival at Linkwasha Camp, we will be greeted with a sumptuous brunch. The middle of the day will be spent at leisure and will give you the chance to rest up after the previous two days of walking. We will head out later that afternoon on a game-drive to explore the area around Linkwasha Camp. We will return to camp after dark where dinner will be enjoyed.

Day 5:

We bid farewell to our adventure with a game drive from Linkwasha Camp to Linkwasha Airstrip for onward arrangements.

Did you know?

Access to the private, wildlife-rich Linkwasha Concession is exclusively for Wilderness Safaris guests.

The highest densities of large mammals in Hwange are found in the Linkwasha Concession, due to its rich habitat diversity.

The park is predominately Kalahari sandveld supporting teak and false-mopane woodlands together with dry acacia scrub. These woodlands are interspersed with saltpans and grasslands.

Walks provide one with a sense of immersion into nature, excitement and adventure, while game drives offer the opportunity to explore further afield.

Nights spent in dome tents under the stars with access to viewing platforms create a nostalgic sense of safari. They offer a truly wild and authentic feel.

We begin and end our journey at Wilderness Safaris camps, framing the adventure with indulgence and luxury, especially at Linkwasha Camp, our grand finale.

Wilderness Safaris have partnered with the National Park in jointly combating the effects of poaching along Hwange’s southern boundary, an area beyond our concession.

You will typically see elephant, buffalo, sable, roan, southern giraffe, blue wildebeest, impala and sometimes even gemsbok in the Linkwasha Concession. Lion, leopard, wild dog and cheetah are also regularly sighted.

Birdlife is prolific with more than 400 species occurring in Hwange National Park.

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