Diverse Namibia



Diverse Namibia is an active, exciting adventure, exploring the iconic areas of this vast country – its dunes, desert, plains and superb wildlife – enhanced by exclusive accommodation in private reserves and concessions. On this adventure you will take in the soaring red dunes of Sossusvlei, the life-filled blue Atlantic Ocean, the desert and denizens of Damaraland, and the dense plains game and predators of Etosha National Park. Throughout the Exploration are interspersed activities such as scenic walks and visiting the spectacular ancient rock engravings at Twyfelfontein – altogether, a true Namibian adventure with a range of activities impossible to beat!


Explorations are led by highly skilled and qualified professional guides with an incredible passion for the natural regions they work in. Sharing the adventure and guiding you on this journey of discovery combined with their vast knowledge of the natural world, history and culture are their professions and personal hobby. Many of our guides are also skilled photographers and can assist you in taking away amazing wildlife photographs. Your guide will host you for the duration of safari, providing you with a consistent, detailed interpretation that is shaped to your specific interests.

Language Departure Day Departure Date Depart From Finish Day Finish Date Finish In Rack Rate PPS (ZAR) New World Safaris Rate PPS (ZAR)
English Wednesday 03-Aug Windhoek Friday 12-Aug Windhoek R40 122,00 R35 307,00
English Saturday 06-Aug Windhoek Monday 15-Aug Windhoek R40 122,00 R35 307,00
English Thursday 18-Aug Windhoek Saturday 27-Aug Windhoek R40 122,00 R35 307,00
English Tuesday 30-Aug Windhoek Thursday 08-Sep Windhoek R40 122,00 R35 307,00
English Friday 09-Sep Windhoek Sunday 18-Sep Windhoek R40 122,00 R35 307,00
English Wednesday 21-Sep Windhoek Friday 30-Sep Windhoek R40 122,00 R35 307,00
English Sunday 02-Oct Windhoek Tuesday 11-Oct Windhoek R40 122,00 R35 307,00
English Wednesday 05-Oct Windhoek Friday 14-Oct Windhoek R40 122,00 R35 307,00
English Thursday 20-Oct Windhoek Saturday 29-Oct Windhoek R40 122,00 R35 307,00
English Wednesday 26-Oct Windhoek Friday 04-Nov Windhoek R40 122,00 R35 307,00
English Monday 31-Oct Windhoek Wednesday 09-Nov Windhoek R40 122,00 R35 307,00
English Saturday 05-Nov Windhoek Monday 14-Nov Windhoek R34 632,00 R30 476,00
English Sunday 27-Nov Windhoek Tuesday 06-Dec Windhoek R34 632,00 R30 476,00
English Wednesday 07-Dec Windhoek Friday 16-Dec Windhoek R34 632,00 R30 476,00
English Monday 19-Dec Windhoek Wednesday 28-Dec Windhoek R34 632,00 R30 476,00
English Saturday 24-Dec Windhoek Monday 02-Jan Windhoek R34 632,00 R30 476,00
Language Departure Day Departure Date Depart From Finish Day Finish Date Finish In
English Friday 20 Jan Windhoek Sunday 29 Jan Windhoek
English Wednesday 01 Feb Windhoek Friday 10 Feb Windhoek
English Friday 10 Feb Windhoek Sunday 19 Feb Windhoek
English Monday 06 Mar Windhoek Wednesday 15 Mar Windhoek
English Tuesday 21 Mar Windhoek Thursday 30 Mar Windhoek
English Tuesday 28 Mar Windhoek Thursday 06 Apr Windhoek
English Sunday 02 Apr Windhoek Tuesday 11 Apr Windhoek
English Saturday 15 Apr Windhoek Monday 24 Apr Windhoek
English Friday 21 Apr Windhoek Sunday 30 Apr Windhoek
English Monday 08 May Windhoek Wednesday 17 May Windhoek
English Thursday 11 May Windhoek Saturday 20 May Windhoek
English Tuesday 23 May Windhoek Monday 01 May Windhoek
English Sunday 04 Jun Windhoek Tuesday 13 Jun Windhoek
English Friday 16 Jun Windhoek Sunday 25 Jun Windhoek
English Monday 19 Jun Windhoek Wednesday 28 Jun Windhoek
English Saturday 01 Jul Windhoek Monday 10 Jul Windhoek
English Friday 07 Jul Windhoek Sunday 16 Jul Windhoek
English Wednesday 19 Jul Windhoek Friday 28 Jul Windhoek
English Saturday 22 Jul Windhoek Monday 31 Jul Windhoek
English Thursday 03 Aug Windhoek Saturday 12 Aug Windhoek
English Sunday 06 Aug Windhoek Tuesday 15 Aug Windhoek
English Friday 18 Aug Windhoek Sunday 27 Aug Windhoek
English Wednesday 30 Aug Windhoek Friday 08 Sep Windhoek
English Tuesday 05 Sep Windhoek Thursday 14 Sep Windhoek
English Thursday 21 Sep Windhoek Saturday 30 Sep Windhoek
English Monday 02 Oct Windhoek Wednesday 11 Oct Windhoek
English Thursday 05 Oct Windhoek Saturday 14 Oct Windhoek
English Friday 20 Oct Windhoek Sunday 29 Oct Windhoek
English Thursday 26 Oct Windhoek Saturday 04 Nov Windhoek
English Tuesday 31 Oct Windhoek Thursday 09 Nov Windhoek
English Sunday 05 Nov Windhoek Tuesday 14 Nov Windhoek
English Sunday 26 Nov Windhoek Tuesday 05 Dec Windhoek
English Thursday 07 Dec Windhoek Saturday 16 Dec Windhoek
English Tuesday 19 Dec Windhoek Thursday 28 Dec Windhoek
English Saturday 24 Dec Windhoek Tuesday 02 Jan Windhoek

Exploration – 9 nights /10 days

Windhoek International Airport

You will be met by your Explorations guide and begin your journey by driving (340 kilometres / 211 miles) through the Khomas Hochland mountains and down into the iconic Sossusvlei region, a driving time of approximately five hours.

Day 1 – 2: Kulala Adventurer Camp, Sossusvlei

Explore the iconic red dunes and be awed by the desert-adapted wildlife surviving in one of the world’s oldest and most arid deserts.

Day 3 – 4: Hansa Hotel, Swakopmund

Depart camp early and drive through the snaking roads of the Kuiseb Canyon and out onto the expansive gravel plains, eventually arriving in Walvis Bay before moving north into the quaint town of Swakopmund, a drive of about 5 – 6 hours (approximately 370 km / 230 miles).

Discover the town of Swakopmund and bed down in an iconic hotel that forms part of city’s architectural culture.

“Dolphin and Seal” Cruise

On Day 4, we explore the ice-blue Atlantic coast with a “Dolphin and Seal” catamaran cruise from Walvis Bay (weather permitting).

Day 5 – 7: Damaraland Adventurer Camp, Damaraland

We continue our journey by road 320 kilometres (200 miles) and approximately 8-hour drive to Damaraland, west of the Brandberg Mountain, stopping for lunch at Ugab Save the Rhino Trust Camp. This area boasts the largest concentration of black rhino anywhere on the planet outside a national park.

The area boasts a varied assortment of desert-adapted wildlife and incredible geological formations.

Day 8 – 9: Andersson’s Camp, Ongava Game Reserve (Etosha)

We drive approximately 330km (205 miles and a 5-hour drive) to Ongava Game Reserve on the boundary of Etosha National Park.

Etosha remains the highest density wildlife area within Namibia, its fame justly acknowledged. We explore here, as well as the Ongava Game Reserve.

Day 10:

Driving 420 kilometres (260 miles) south, we return to Windhoek at 13h00 and bid farewell to our adventure.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Did you know?

This active and exciting adventure will give you access to the wilderness and wildlife highlights of northern Namibia. The diverse mix of locations, habitats and experiences will showcase Namibia’s iconic species and scenes.

We drive (along lesser known paths) through huge private concessions and reserves.

Your exclusive accommodation along the route is mostly in private areas away from the more crowded public areas.

Wilderness’ private access gate to Sossusvlei allows for early access in the morning – thereby improving photographic opportunities.

We track the rare desert-adapted elephant following ancient paths to their freshwater springs.

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