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Namibia is a land of stunning landscapes, endless skies, barren deserts, rugged mountains and spectacular wildlife. This Exploration explores some of the most remote areas of this fascinating land; areas that have been rarely explored by others, making this a true journey of discovery. Like any trip to Namibia, the dunes of Sossusvlei are not to be missed and we therefore begin our journey here. We continue to Swakopmund to take in the amazing marine life just offshore, then on to the secluded and dramatic coastline of the Skeleton Coast littered with historic remnants of shipwrecks and the rugged and rocky landscape of Palmwag where the last free-roaming black rhino rove. The activities provide a wide range of differing experiences, from a dolphin cruise with private beach lunch, to tracking rhino and climbinb the Namib’s great dunes. Most of the journey is by road which can be lengthy and bumpy (due to Namibia’s roads being mainly gravel). But well-timed stops at local highlights, refreshments, snacks and lunches (where appropriate) all help to ensure optimal comfort. A highlight is meeting the native people of Namibia, many of whom work in the camps, while others you will have a chance to meet along the road, such as local fishermen and vendors. The scenic flight between Sossusvlei and Swakopmund and the flight out of Doro Nawas are by light aircraft, affording sensational views of the Namib Desert, the starkly scenic North West region and the dramatic, desolate coastline.


Our Explorations are led by highly skilled and qualified professional guides with an incredible passion for the natural regions in which they work and a vast knowledge of the natural world, history and culture of Namibia. Sharing the adventure and guiding you on this journey of discovery is both a profession and a personal hobby. Many of our guides are also skilled photographers and can assist you in taking away amazing wildlife photographs. Your guide will host you for the duration of safari, providing you with a consistent, detailed interpretation that is shaped to your specific interests.

Language Departure Day Departure Date Depart From Finish Day Finish Date Finish In Rack Rate PPS (ZAR) New World Safaris Rate PPS (ZAR)
English Thursday 05-May Windhoek Saturday 14-May Windhoek R57 333,00 R50 454,00
English Friday 13-May Windhoek Sunday 22-May Windhoek R57 333,00 R50 454,00
English Thursday 26-May Windhoek Saturday 04-Jun Windhoek R65 072,00 R57 266,00
English Wednesday 15-Jun Windhoek Friday 24-Jun Windhoek R65 072,00 R57 266,00
English Monday 27-Jun Windhoek Wednesday 06-Jul Windhoek R65 072,00 R57 266,00
English Sunday 03-Jul Windhoek Tuesday 12-Jul Windhoek R65 072,00 R57 266,00
English Wednesday 13-Jul Windhoek Friday 22-Jul Windhoek R65 072,00 R57 266,00
English Sunday 17-Jul Windhoek Tuesday 26-Jul Windhoek R65 072,00 R57 266,00
English Wednesday 03-Aug Windhoek Friday 12-Aug Windhoek R65 072,00 R57 266,00
English Saturday 13-Aug Windhoek Monday 22-Aug Windhoek R65 072,00 R57 266,00
English Friday 19-Aug Windhoek Sunday 28-Aug Windhoek R65 072,00 R57 266,00
English Tuesday 23-Aug Windhoek Thursday 01-Sep Windhoek R65 072,00 R57 266,00
English Saturday 17-Sep Windhoek Monday 26-Sep Windhoek R65 072,00 R57 266,00
English Wednesday 28-Sep Windhoek Friday 07-Oct Windhoek R65 072,00 R57 266,00
English Tuesday 25-Oct Windhoek Thursday 03-Nov Windhoek R57 333,00 R50 454,00
English Sunday 06-Nov Windhoek Tuesday 15-Nov Windhoek R57 333,00 R50 454,00
English Friday 11-Nov Windhoek Sunday 20-Nov Windhoek R57 333,00 R50 454,00
Language Departure Day Departure Date Depart From Finish Day Finish Date Finish In
English Friday 05 May Windhoek Sunday 14 May Windhoek
English Friday 26 May Windhoek Sunday 04 Jun Windhoek
English Tuesday 20 Jun Windhoek Thursday 29 Jun Windhoek
English Thursday 13 Jul Windhoek Saturday 22 Jul Windhoek
English Sunday 13 Aug Windhoek Tuesday 22 Aug Windhoek
English Sunday 17 Sep Windhoek Tuesday 26 Sep Windhoek
English Sunday 15 Oct Windhoek Tuesday 24 Oct Windhoek
English Monday 06 Nov Windhoek Wednesday 15 Nov Windhoek
NB. Please note that 2017 prices are to be confirmed.

Exploration – 9 nights /10 days

Exploration runs between May and Mid-November
Windhoek International Airport

You will be met by your explorations guide and begin your journey by driving through the Khomas Hochland mountains and down into the dune-filled Sossusvlei region, a driving time of approximately five to six hours (330 kilometres / 205 miles). En route, we enjoy a lunch.

Days 1 – 2: Kulala Desert Lodge, Kulala Wilderness Reserve

Explore the famous red dunes of Sossusvlei and our 37 000-hectare private reserve where you will discover life in one of the world’s oldest and most arid deserts.

Days 3 – 4: Hansa Hotel, Swakopmund

Our light aircraft transfer to Swakopmund Airport is in fact a spectacular scenic flight (weather permitting) that flies over the only well-preserved shipwreck in Namibia, endless dune fields and even an old diamond mining settlement. Discover the town of Swakopmund and bed down in the historic Hansa Hotel that forms part of city’s architectural culture.

Boat Cruise

On Day 4, we explore the ice-blue Atlantic coast on a boat cruise (weather permitting) as well as the imposing Sandwich Harbour dune fields by 4×4. The adventure is rounded off with a private seafood lunch before driving back to Walvis Bay.

Day 5: Terrace Bay Lodge, Skeleton Coast National Park

We continue our journey by road for approximately 380 kilometres / 236 miles up the legendary Skeleton Coast (named for the numerous ships the treacherous shores have claimed over the years). You can expect to see the fascinating lichen plains at Wlotskasbaken, remains of the Zelia shipwreck near Henties Bay and the SW Seal shipwreck near Ugabmund. We also take in the ghostly remains of mining operations near Toscanini. Driving time is about five hours, excluding any stops.

Days 6 – 7: Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, Palmwag Concession

We continue through Skeleton Coast National Park to the Möwe Bay Museum and then stop and admire the remains of the Suiderkus shipwreck. Other attractions are the Klein Oase and Auses Springs hidden in the dunes, an intriguing “roaring” dune and spectacular desert scenery combined with whatever desert-adapted wildlife presents itself. The distance to camp is only 140 kilometres / 86 miles, however, given the gravel roads the driving time is approximately 5 hours.

A land of rugged scenery, this remote part of Namibia is inhabited by plant and animal life that has adapted superbly to the harsh environment of mountains, vast plains, dunes and dry riverbeds.

Days 8 – 9: Desert Rhino Camp, Palmwag Concession

Another exciting day on the road to Desert Rhino Camp through the rugged, rocky and mountainous Palmwag Concession brings with it the opportunity of seeing giraffe, oryx and springbok.

The speciality of the area is its stable population of the endangered desert-adapted black rhino (the largest concentration in the world outside a national park), which are monitored and protected by the Save the Rhino Trust.

Day 10: Wilderness Air

We bid farewell to our adventure as we road transfer to the Doro Nawas Airstrip for return flight to Windhoek.

Recommended Add-ons:

At extra cost, continue onwards to Serra Cafema, a luxury desert retreat on the Kunene River, or to Ongava Game Reserve and explore Etosha National Park.

There are no upcoming events at this time.


The very different areas of Sossusvlei, Skeleton Coast and Palmwag Concession are explored in depth.

The ultimate Skeleton Coast experience including remains of shipwrecks, Cape fur seal colonies and other desert-adapted wildlife.

Accommodation includes a range of camps in private areas.

Exceptionally varied activities, including day and night, sea and land-based wildlife viewing, as well as flying, driving, and boating.

Other unique excursions include rhino tracking, motorboat trip at Walvis Bay (including extension to Sandwich Harbour, and seafood lunch) and a scenic flight from Sossusvlei to Swakopmund (weather permitting).

We travel by land when the journey is enhanced; otherwise travelling is done by air.

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