Endless Horizons

Namibia has vast landscapes which surround the few cities. The country has many national parks and conservations to which lots of tourists are drawn.

The country boasts a wide variety of wildlife in a kaleidoscope of different environments. Namibia offers a breath taking views of dunes through to mystical ship wrecks which share the tales of drama and excitement.

The red dunes at Sossusvlei, quiet beaches along the Skeleton Coast and the uninhabited wilderness of Kunene in the remote north part of Namibia. There is so much to see.

Namibia is a place you have to include in your travel tours.

Seasons and Weather

Namibia climate is generally very dry and pleasant – its fine to visit all year round.

It receives only a fraction of rainfall experienced by coutries further east of Africa.

December to March: Some days are humid and slight chance of rain with afternoon thunderstorms.

April to May: Increasingly dry weather but greenery in the landscapes

June to August: Cooling down where nights can become cold.

September to October: Warming up again with most areas at its best, although more dust.

November: Varies between hot dry weather and threats of rain.




National Parks

Skeleton Coast

Ancient Art Exhibition

Activities: Quad biking, sky diving and more

WEATHER CHART: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Hi-Lo in Centigrade: 30/17 29/17 27/15 25/13 22/9 20/7 20/7 23/8 26/12 29/14 29/16 31/17
Rainfall in mm: 43 53 56 28 5 3 3 3 3 10 23 26


This rugged yet breath-taking and rocky landscape is characterised by valleys and dry riverbeds that carve their way through deep gorges and ancient geological features.



Namibia’s premier savannah wilderness area, Etosha National Park is a vast 2 270 000 hectares of woodland and grassy plains surrounding a massive salt pan.


Skeleton Coast/ Kaokoveld

Endless vistas across “fairy circle” covered plains, ancient valleys, rugged peaks and desolate coastlines make for a fascinating tour.



Famous for its iconic sand dunes, shimmering red at sunrise and 300m above the valley floor, with a series of dry pans and “vleis”.

Safaris to look forward to:

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